Schalkwijk verbindt Gebiedsontwikkeling

Schalkwijk verbindt!

VE-R, together with VAST, MOVE Mobility and Field Factors have made the submission “Schalkwijk verbindt!” for the competition Panorama Lokaal. In “Schalkwijk verbindt!” we show how to steer a positive shift from ‘coming and going to and from the neighbourhood’, with the emphasis on the car, to ‘moving within the neighbourhood’, with the emphasis on cycling, quality of public space and public transport.

The project proposes to directly make an inclusive place at the border between Molenwijk-Noord and Europaweg for and by all residents of the neighbourhood. This is the first step of “Schalkwijk verbindt!” and the beginning of the further exploration of the transition from large-scale car infrastructure to space for people.

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