Profile & approach


VE-R designs integrated plans for cities, landscapes, and public spaces.

Who 1 “A team pushing boundaries fueled by international diversity, innovative thinking and open collaboration.”


VE-R is a proactive team with an international and diverse mindset. Our team members come from a range of backgrounds which brings a wealth of perspectives to the design table. We are based in Haarlem, Netherlands and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and have projects in The Netherlands, Belgium, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East. Influenced by this diversity, our approach is dynamic and responsive to the context in which we operate. With each project, we seek fitting solutions and approaches, and we leverage the collective energy of our team, fellow collaborators, clients, and stakeholders to enhance each project and deliver designs that go beyond the conventional. We advocate for open communication and intense cooperation, as it is through this kind of collaboration that we can gain comprehensive insights to uncover the most optimal interventions.

“Elevating well-being and ecosystems through biodiverse, resilient and circular urban and landscape designs”

At VE-R, we pursue integrated and novel solutions for critical challenges, placing focus on design that considers rapid urbanization, climate adaptation, and biodiversity decline in the built and natural environment. We create attractive spaces that promote well-being as well as blending aesthetics and functionality. Our designs foster flourishing and resilient ecosystems in both urban and natural landscapes. From housing to regional concepts, sustainable energy landscapes to infrastructure, city parks and more, we balance specific needs with harmonious interventions. Our services span from concept to detailed design and project coordination, emphasizing the importance of simplicity and meticulous execution.

How 1“In-depth analysis and diverse viewpoints, uncover a project’s essence and narrative.”

Answering the question behind the assignment

At VE-R, we value the needs and goals of our clients and begin our process by examining a given assignment. In this way we unearth the core of the project by answering the essential questions behind the assignment. We explore a myriad of possibilities and solutions before narrowing down these options to the best choice, after considering different perspectives and scenarios. As we go through this process, we emphasize quick execution, openness, and ongoing communication with clients, partners, and stakeholders.





How we do it

In-depth analysis

Site analysis is the foundation of our design process. We believe that it is essential to understand the site in all aspects, such as physical characteristics and cultural, infrastructural, and historic context. Analysis is more than data collection and visualization, but it enables us to gain profound insights into the essence of a site. We can then identify the qualities and constraints of the site, develop a unique narrative, and deliver a design that is technically and economically feasible.










Participatory design process and stakeholder engagement

Collaboration is key to creating socially and environmentally impactful designs. At VE-R, we engage with communities and stakeholders to grasp their needs and integrate their viewpoints into our work. We have found that collaboration is essential for establishing collective ownership and commitment to a project. It solidifies the foundation of the design and willingness to support and sustain a project after implementation. Our priority is to involve stakeholders at all phases, from initial concept to detailed designs. This approach continues to result in projects that have a lasting positive impact on communities and the environment they are designed for.

DASUDA LOGOVE-R is a lead partner of DASUDA (Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Urban Development in Africa), a platform striving to make better African city development since 2013.