Farm design for Herenboeren Nieuw Bureveld

Farm design Herenboeren

Farm Herenboeren Nieuw Bureveld

We are happy to announce VE-R is selected to make the landscape design for the farm Herenboeren Nieuw Bureveld in De Bilt in the Netherlands. More and more people are aware of a the importance of healthy food. Fresh and organic are already becoming mainstream aspects, but now also the factor of fair price, low carbon footprint and support for the farmers in the vicinity of your home get into play. With all these aspects the concept of ‘Herenboeren’ is gaining attention in the Netherlands. A farm that produces a whole range of fresh food for all members of the cooperative. Over 200 households will get their vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat from the farm they share responsibility in. The farmers operating the farm get an income from producing food for members instead of adding to the bulk of processed food and anonymous clients. VE-R will make a landscape design that assists the cooperative of the farm in spatial sound incorporation within the existing situation and ecological and landscape values of the site.

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