“A New Peace of Münster”

After the exhibition “Plan D” at the University of Münster and a series of workshops organized by Simon Richter and Patrick Nederkoorn, a documentary directed by Maria Kolossa has now aired internationally; it is following these initiatives and showcasing large-scale concepts and ideas developed by landscape architects and climate experts on their cross-border visions of what the Netherlands could look like in the future, as well as the processes that could lead to their realization.

The “New Peace of Münster”, a city that is essentially the birthplace of the Netherlands and nowadays a hybrid Dutch-German community, is a movie proposing a new ‘peace’; between locals and climate migrants, but also between mankind and nature. Berrie Van Elderen and Remco Rolvink from VE-R are very happy to have contributed to both the exhibition and the movie with our project ‘NL 2300’ and wish to be part of this ongoing discussion for a future that embraces optismism instead of doomsday scenarios, adaptability and brave choices instead of conservatism.


Read more: https://www.ve-r.nl/projects-all/ecology/netherlands-2300/


Full documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaYhnEM3Ibs&t=789s