++Water Heritage on display at the Nieuwe Markt, Groningen

20211102_Water Heritage in Sponsland

++Water Heritage in Sponsland exhibition

From 5th to 7th November 2021 our project ++Water Heritage (++Watererfgoed) together with MORE Landscape is on display in the exhibition Sponsland on the Nieuwe Markt in Groningen during Let’s Gro. The project was one of the eight proposals to adapt the area from the Hunze Valley to Schiermonnikoog to climate change looking ahead to the year 2121, but also to enrich the landscape and highlight its values.  

The exhibition Sponsland is part of Climate Adaptation Groningen. Earlier this year the online festival Climate Adaptation Groningen Act & Adapt took place. The changing climate and its consequences were central to this. Climate Adaptation Groningen is an initiative of the Global Center on Adaptation and the Groningen Agreement – consisting of the Province of Groningen, the Municipality of Groningen, University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Alfa-college, Noorderpoort and UMCG – and in collaboration with the National Program Groningen. 


Read more: https://groningerkrant.nl/provincie/voorstellen-voor-klimaatadaptatie-te-zien-tijdens-tentoonstelling-sponsland/