VE-R selected for Panorama Lokaal: Schalkwijk, Haarlem

VE-R participation in Panorama Lokaal: Schalkwijk Haarlem

Panorama Lokaal: Schalkwijk Haarlem

The multidisciplinary team that VE-R landscape architecture and urbanism forms together with Vast Architects, Field Factors and Move Mobility is one of the three teams selected to take part in the Panorama Local design competition for the Schalkwijk location in Haarlem. It asks for a vision to prepare this vulnerable neighbourhood for the future in which the quality of life, the issue of density and the transition to a sustainable society are central themes.


Jury report of the first selection round: “The team makes a strong impression at all scales and includes expertise in the field of traffic, water and landscape architecture … The proposal expresses a promise that appeals and raises expectations about a structured approach to the task.”


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