NL 2300 in Haus Der Niederlande, Münster

VE-R Nederland 2300

VE-R Scenario for the Netherlands in 2300

A while ago we made this vision for the Netherlands in about 300 years for Blauwe Kamer. Now there will be an exhibition of different visions of this kind in the Haus der Niederlande in Münster. This is where the international recognition of the Netherlands as a sovereign state began 375 years ago. Before that there was actually no question of ‘the Netherlands’.

In our vision, we first looked back 300 years and translated this into the future in steps of 50 years. The radical changes in the border and coastline over the past 300 years gave us insight into the radicality that is conceivable in the next 300 years. The floods that continued to occur despite even better protection, in combination with the generic trends in CO2 emissions and climate change, provided insight into what can be taken into account.

The radicality of the image is nuanced by the historical data and trends to perhaps not being so radical at all.

It has become clear that avoiding in the long term is going to be even more difficult than embracing.


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Download booklet here: Nederland 2300 – VE-R  (text in dutch)