++Water Heritage on Sponsland and Act&Adapt

Rietdiep ++Water Heritage vision

Rietdiep ++Water Heritage vision

Our project “++ Water Heritage” is part of the Sponsland online exhibition opened on 21st January 2021 and part of the Climate Adaptation Summit Act &Adapt. In “++ Water Heritage” together with MORE Landscape we created a vision for the future of the Rietdiep river area with a scope of 100 years ahead. A regenerated robust fresh water system, based upon and highlighting the existing landscape typologies and their unique identities, is created here to bring the heritage to the forefront. Through this new water system, agriculture can cope with the rapid changes of climate, sea level rise, salinization and drought while a wider shift is being implemented with the temperature rise. 


Read more: https://www.ve-r.nl/projects-all/ecology/water-heritage/