HVC Alkmaar office garden

  • Location

    Alkmaar, The Netherlands

  • Project type

    Landscape plan

  • Year


  • Client & collaborators

    Coare architectuur, Mies architectuur (voor HVC)

This project is centered around the transformation of the main HVC Alkmaar office building, encompassing a new floorplan, entrance redesign, and a redesigned garden. The primary objectives are to prioritize spatial quality, enhance accessibility and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the environment. This is one of the few areas of HVC where this representative quality is crucial.

The project is part of a larger redevelopment of the entire HVC terrains and surroundings for which VE-R made proposals for the situation of the ‘Slibdrooginstallatie’, the weighing bridges, the switch of public and private roads and the relocation of the rangeren area. (see link)

The project begins by expanding the office building to accommodate additional spaces and functions. An extra floor is added to the northwestern volume. This necessitates the redesign of the building's entrance and the entire surrounding garden area, with a focus on creating new pathways, seating areas and picturesque views that connect the interior of the office to the garden.

A significant challenge is the redesign of the parking area. Currently, it dominates the entrance view, diminishing the desired spatial quality. To remedy this, the project involves removing the parking adjacent to the water, redistributing parking spaces, and extending the last row with electrical facilities. Additionally, the bus stop is relocated to ensure safe access for visitors, improving traffic flow and separation from parking areas.

The garden's redesign aims to create a lush, cohesive green space around the office, extending across the road to the water. Sustainability is a key principle, with a focus on recycling materials and using native, low-maintenance plant species to enhance biodiversity. Various tree species, complemented by shrubs and perennials, elevate spatial qualities. Durable walkways and gravel paths guide visitors through open and enclosed spaces, with recycled concrete tiles creating seating and delineating planted areas.

Overall, the project integrates architectural and environmental considerations to create a harmonious and inviting office space. The emphasis is on sustainability and aesthetic improvement, reflecting a commitment to preserving spatial quality, enhancing accessibility, and transforming the environment into a more welcoming and green space.