• Location

    Nieuw Bureveld, De Bilt, The Netherlands

  • Project type

    Landscape design

  • Year


  • Client

    Herenboeren Nieuw Bureveld

  • Collaborators

    Van der Goes en Groot, Lucas Kukler

'Herenboeren’ is an initiative to bring sustainable food production closer. To this end, the Herenboeren initiate and conduct research, train farmers, and make proposals for changes to laws and regulations. It is one of the cooperative farming communities in which members invest and have influence on the farm and together with the farmer determine the course of action. In this way, it forms an important link in the food transition towards more locally produced food, bringing food production closer to people, and producing food with respect for soil and biodiversity.

In Nieuw Bureveld, we were asked to advise on the transformation of an existing dairy farm into a Herenboerderij. It was important to optimally organize the different components of the farm, taking into account the specific characteristics of the surrounding landscape. This allowed for a spatial justification to be made that serves as the foundation for the zoning plan change necessary for the initiative.

Based on a comprehensive landscape analysis, combined with the necessary ingredients of a Herenboerderij, a proposal was developed for the layout of the farm. On behalf of VE-R, Van der Goes and Groot conducted ecological research on the consequences of the transformation from dairy farm to Herenboerderij. In collaboration with the Herenboeren, a participation process with the local residents was undertaken and various visualizations were made for communication purposes.