Eleni Chronopoulou

Eleni Chronopoulou is an architect and landscape architect. She studied Architecture at the Technical University of Crete and later acquired a master in Landscape Architecture at Delft University of Technology. Eleni was nominated as the best graduate of TU Delft’s faculty of architecture for 2019. Her master thesis, “The Oppositions of Kifissos: From Static Duality to Dynamic Coexistence” focused on interweaving architectural theory and practice, in order to address a highly problematic urban river landscape in an alternative, conceptual way. Her fascination lies in exploring how landscape architecture, with its emphasis on processes, interrelations and the qualities of the existing site, has the capacity to develop flexible and integrative frameworks, incorporating social, environmental and technical aspects. Eleni has working experience in both Greece and the Netherlands, focusing on a great number of projects in different scales, from masterplans to technical details.