Berrie van Elderen

Berrie van Elderen has 25 years of experience as landscape architect with his own firm v-eld and Hosper, and is currently co-founder of VE-R. He has extensive experience with landscape and urban development projects, both at the scale level of the location and at the scale level of the region. These encompass both abstract investigations and complex content. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Wageningen and at the University of Delft, where, among other things, he tutored several times for the interfaculty minor 'Integrated Infrastructure Design'. Berrie has experience as project leader for projects as Heerhugowaard-Zuid, 'Rotterdam Hart van Zuid' and Research and design for building in the floodplains of the Waal, Gent, Netherlands. Berrie likes to collaborate with other design agencies on a complex urban scale level (eg with Karres and Brands for the development around Ahoy and Zuidplein in Rotterdam) as well as on regional scale level (eg with Posad for the energy transition for South East Brabant and Central Holland). Berrie has graduated as landscape architect from Wageningen University and has extensive experience in landscape design, urban design and implementation of public space.