‘Het Wad verdrinkt’ study for the Wadden Sea

post image_het wad verdrinkt

Four scenarios as examples of the attitude to approach the Wadden Sea by VE-R

The Wadden is drowning. At 15cm sea level rise per century the Wadden can grow along, but with today’s knowledge of an average sea level rise worldwide of already 50 cm per century the most realistic situation is the Wadden Sea won’t fall to dryland with every low tide and the natural ecosystem gets lost if we do nothing. VE-R landscape architecture & urbanism thinks it is imperative to start discussing attitudes how to approach this and therefore we sketched several scenarios based on four attitudes. Not to make a design, but to open the floor for dialogue amongst experts of various disciplines to look far ahead and think about paths to resiliency for this unique maritime landscape.


Read more: https://www.ve-r.nl/projects-all/ecology/het-wad-verdrinkt/

Download free e-book (text in dutch): De Waddenzee verdrinkt – VE-R