Excursion to Reitdiep, Groningen


Reitdiep, Groningen

For the International Climate Adaptation Summit, planned to be held in the Netherlands in January 2021, a series of support events are organized. One of them is the Climate Adaptation Design Exhibition in which eight teams have been asked to develop a vision for parts of the urban and rural regions in and around Groningen. Core task is to come up with spatial visions with new water management solutions for Climate-adaptive design of the Dutch landscape. The challenge of combining the new water tasks with other urgent programmes and with the opportunity to enhance the beauty and resilience of the landscape will be tested at the North of the Netherlands in exercises of integral design. MORE landscape and VE-R are the team for the Reitdiep area. The team visited the landscape around the river Reitdiep on a 60 kilometer long cycle tour to get an understanding of this landscape.