Daar Bij Die Molen app presented for open call “Beautiful production landscapes”

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Development and use of the Daar Bij Die Molen app (collage)

On May 11th the app of Daar Bij Die Molen was presented online as an inspiration project for the open call “Beautiful production landscapes” (Prachtige productielandschappen), an initiative of Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie inviting various parties to work together on new strategic visions or design proposals for the transition of our production landscape. The main question here is: How can extensive transition processes in the landscape be tackled from an integrated design approach and the spatial quality of the landscape improved? 

The Dutch landscape has traditionally been a production landscape that has been used on a large scale for the production of food and the extraction of raw materials. This existing production landscape will change significantly in the coming years. Extraction from renewable energy sources must be significantly scaled up to achieve the European climate targets. Deterioration of agricultural land and loss of biodiversity requires new forms of food production. At the same time, the need for nature recreation is increasing. All this places a major claim on the landscape design of the Netherlands and requires more space than is available in our country. The complexity of the transition task of the landscape therefore is great. 

Economic, technological, social, cultural landscape and spatial aspects interact strongly. This necessitates a new, more integrated approach, in which organizations from various sectors work together. 

This transdisciplinary approach is evident in the development of the Daar Bij Die Molen app, which also places participation at the forefront. 

It is an app where everyone can place windmills and solar fields on an interactive map of the Netherlands. With this tool, people can contribute in an accessible way to spatially placing the task for electricity in 2050. The app immediately provides insight into whether a chosen location is suitable for energy production based on existing –hard- restrictions or even desirable based on other issues and –softer- restrictions and then calculates the contribution to the total task by connecting to Quintel’s Energy Transition Model (ETM). 

In the future, this app should lead to a VR map of the Netherlands (40mx60m. size) where the spatial impact of the energy transition is transparent in 3D and where existing and future plans can be visualized in an appealing way. 

VE-R initiated Daar Bij Die Molen and co-created with Quintel, Generation Energy, Van Leeuwen & Van Leeuwen, Pointer and Urgenda. 

Read more: https://www.daarbijdiemolen.energy/ 


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